Whether you just want to get started with CBT on a small bike or scooter, pass your test to get something a bit more exciting, take refresher “born-again biker” training or top-level advanced motorcycling, Newcastle Rider Training is for you.

Perhaps you have no ambitions to travel far; a small motorcycle, scooter or moped may be all you need to solve your commuting problems. Newcastle Rider Training is your first step. But beware, motorcycling can be addictive – once you get the bug, you’ll want more!

Details on all of our courses can be found below. Alternatively you can contact us online or give us a call on 0191 264 5848.

Compulsory Basic Training - CBT

This is where everybody begins. CBT is a course designed to get you off to a safe start. It must be completed before you are allowed to ride with L plates on a bike or scooter.

CBT is normally completed in one day but it can be spread over a longer period if extra time is required. Don’t let anyone tell you it is a test though – it isn’t and never has been!

You will learn the theory in our classroom and the practical skills on our on-site training ground before we take you out on the road for a couple of hours. As long as you have studied the Highway Code and are riding to an acceptable standard by the end, you will receive the CBT Certificate (DL196) that validates your licence and allows you to ride on your own under learner restrictions.

Your CBT Certificate is valid for two years. You should aim to pass your test for a full bike licence before it expires but if you don’t you just need to do CBT again to stay legal.

Most customers use one of our bikes/scooters but you can use your own if you can get it here and as long as it is fully road legal (taxed, insured, L plates front and rear etc.).

Phone us now on 0191 264 5848 to book your CBT.


a full day of Compulsory Basic Training
Deduct £10 if you’ve done it with us before.


Additional Information

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Your day of CBT starts at 9:00 am. You will normally finish at about 5:00 pm but everyone has different abilities so the finish time can depend on how the day progresses.

You must bring your Driving Licence photocard (or paper licence if you have an old one).
Bring something to eat for lunchtime if you like but there are shops just over the road if you’d rather pop out.
Bring suitable clothing if you have any (a tough, outdoor jacket, jeans, tough footwear with ankle protection). Tracksuit bottoms and trainers are totally inadequate as protective clothing.
If you already have decent bike gear then that’s great – bring it along!
Don’t worry if you have no suitable clothing at all though as we can lend you everything if you need it: helmet, gloves, jacket, trousers and boots.

The day will progress like this:
First we will tell you all about what sort of clothing you should be thinking about buying and how to choose the right kit for your needs.
Then we have a look at the bikes, run through the controls and talk about basic maintenance – the sort of things you should be able to check for yourself.
Next you will learn how to ride the bike, learning things like slow speed control, correct braking techniques and junction procedures.
After that we come back indoors (that’s usually about lunchtime), we go through some Highway Code (make sure you have studied it!) and talk about defensive riding – how to survive out there.
Finally we go out on the road for a couple of hours to see that you can put it all into practice where it matters.
As long as you are looking reasonably safe and competent by the end of the day you will get the certificate that validates your licence and allows you to ride a bike or scooter up to 125cc (or 50cc if you are 16) on L plates. The CBT Certificate is valid for two years.

If you get to the end of the day and you’re not looking safe enough to be let loose on the roads it doesn’t mean you’ve failed a test because there is no test to pass or fail. It just means that you haven’t finished the course yet and you need to pick up where you left off on another day. The price for any extra training after the first day is £20 per hour.

Pass Your Test

Once you have completed CBT you should think about progressing to pass your test. We have two base courses aimed at taking you swiftly to test standard. Which course you go for depends on your current level of experience. Don’t worry about committing to one or the other though – we can be flexible about adding extra training if you need it, or even shortening the course if you are already particularly good. We can then amend the price accordingly.

We have Theory Tests and Practical Tests already pre-booked for you to make the process as straightforward as possible.  Practical Tests start from Gateshead Multi Purpose Test Centre in Dunston, just over the river from here.  Local Theory Test Centres are in Newcastle, Hexham and Sunderland.

You choose the timescale of your training. You could complete the whole course within a few days or spread it over a couple of weeks – it’s up to you. Don’t worry If you prefer not to rush into it though – you can spread your training over a longer period (months if necessary) and pay for each lesson as you go if that works best for you.

Each session is normally two hours in length. You can do longer sessions if you feel up to it but more than two hours can be tiring if you’re not used to riding on the road.


Standard Course  This is for you if you have already done CBT and you have some other experience on motorcycles (on or off-road).
You get 14 hours of training split into six two-hour sessions, plus an hour warm-up before each module of the test.


Beginner Course  This is for you if you have already done CBT but that was your only motorcycling experience.
You get 18 hours of training split into eight two-hour sessions, plus an hour warm-up before each module of the test.


2 Hour Session  If you prefer to pay as you go, or as a top-up to a course. £70


Test Fees  Add these to course prices.
The Practical Test is made up of £15.50 for Module One and £75 for Module Two.
Add £4 booking fee if you want to use one of our pre-booked theory tests.


Additional Information

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Before you can take the practical test you will have to pass the Motorcycle Theory Test.
The format is a multiple-choice test of 50 questions conducted on a touch-screen computer, followed by a hazard perception element where you will have to identify developing hazards on video clips.
Official DVSA preparation material consists of books and DVDs which are available to buy from our office. We can book the test for you to coincide with your practical training or you may prefer to book it yourself.  To book on-line go to
Theory Test centres in this area are at Newcastle, Sunderland and Hexham.  There are usually plenty of tests available in Newcastle and Sunderland but not so many in Hexham.  Alnwick and Carlisle are also options if you live out that way.

The Practical Test is split into two modules. Module One is mainly to check your machine handling skills and takes place on a tarmac pad at the Test Centre. Module Two is out on the road, much like a car driving test.  The Test Centre is in Dunston, Gateshead, just over the river from here. Training with us will prepare you well for both modules.

Which bike you take the test on depends on how old you are and what size of bike you want to ride once you have passed.

If you are 16 or over you can take the test on a 50. Once you have passed you get a licence to ride a 50 and nothing bigger. This is called Category AM or Moped.

If you are 17 or over you can take the test on a 125. Once you have passed you get a licence to ride a 125 and nothing bigger. This is called Category A1 or Light Motorcycle.

If you are 19 or over you can take the test on our Honda CB500F. Once you have passed you get a licence to ride a bike up to 35kW – most likely something like a 500, but a slightly bigger bike can be restricted. Note that if you are restricting a bigger bike the original power is not allowed to be more than double what you’re bringing it down to, which means you are not allowed to restrict a 71kW bike. This is called Category A2.  See also the note below about passing your test on a Honda for £500 off a new one at Newcastle Motorcycles.

If you are 24 or over (or if you have held a Category A2 Licence for two years, in which case you could be 21 – 23) you can take the test on a larger machine and we use the Suzuki SV650. This is called Direct Access. Once you have passed you get an unrestricted licence and are allowed to ride any size bike. This is called Category A.  We also have a new arrangement with Honda.  They have supplied us with a CB650R for you to train and test on.  You can then apply for a voucher worth £500 off the price of a new Honda at Newcastle Motorcycles.

If you pass the test in any of these categories on an automatic machine then you will be restricted to automatics (most automatics are scooter styled).

Advanced Training

You may have been riding for 20 days or 20 years. You may have ridden a lot in the past but not ridden at all for many years. Wherever you are on the learning curve of motorcycling, we can take you higher. If you think you have already reached the top, think again. Even world champions at the pinnacle of their career talk about how much they are still learning.

Go to for more information on our advanced training.


Three Hour Session £110


Full Day £250


Additional Information

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Please check out our advanced riding website at for much more information on advanced training.