I’ve seen it cheaper elsewhere – why should I choose you?

I know where I can take my wife’s car for a cheap MOT (I’m pleased to say I haven’t owned a car since 1979!).  The car will get a pass certificate but it won’t have been checked over properly.  You can say something along similar lines for motorcycling tuition.  Do you want a cheap certificate or do you want quality training that will give you a solid basis for a lifetime of riding?  Your choice.

I’m new to all of this – where do I start?

Everybody starts with CBT (Compulsory Basic Training).  This is when you learn all the basics – the building blocks to develop from as you progress through your motorcycling career.  Whatever you want to achieve, you start with CBT.  Give us a call on 0191 264 5848 and get yourself booked in for your CBT.  From there we can advise you what to do next, depending on your goals.

Do I have to pass the Theory Test before I can start my training?

No, you don’t.  You should have at least studied the Highway Code (available from us for £2.50) but you don’t need to pass the Theory Test.

You are welcome to get it done before you start if you like but there is no need to.  However, if you are wanting to pass your Practical Test within a short space of time then it might be a good idea to get your Theory Test out of the way sooner rather than later.  We usually have pre-booked Theory Tests available for you or you can book your own at gov.uk.

What are the Module One and Module Two Tests?

The Practical Test is split into two modules.  Module One primarily tests your machine handling skills around cones on a closed tarmac site.  Module Two is out on the road, much like a car test except with the examiner following and giving directions over a one-way radio (which is the same way we will be training you).

If you sign up for one of our courses you will be well prepared for both modules before you go for them.

Do you issue Gift Vouchers?

Yes, we can send you a Gift Voucher in the post or you can come and pick one up from the office ((please phone first though to check someone is here).

We do personalised gift cards stating what has been bought.  It can be anything from a day of CBT through to a complete package of training and tests, or anything in between – whatever suits your budget.

Remember we also do advanced training for experienced riders, or we can do something as simple as a one-hour try-out for a complete beginner just wanting a taster session.  One lucky lady even got a voucher for a pillion ride out into the countryside!

I’m quite short but I’d like to ride larger capacity bikes

No problem.  Pop over and try our specially lowered bikes for size (phone first to check someone is in the office though).  We have a lowered SV650 for a full Category A licence and a very low GS500 for a full Category A2 licence.  Have a look at our Facebook page and scroll back through the photos to 13th July 2014 to see 4ft 10in Nikki on the GS.  There’s another picture of her later on when she came to see us on her own Kawasaki.

I have a Driving Licence issued in the EU – can I start my bike training with that?

No is the simple answer.  Your licence may be valid for you to drive in the UK but you cannot do CBT without a UK Driver Number.  The easiest way round this is to exchange your EU licence for a UK one.  Have a look at gov.uk.  Once you have passed the bike test and got a full UK bike licence you should be able to exchange it back again in your home country if you want to.

An alternative would be to apply for a UK provisional licence but this could get complicated when some computer catches on that you’ve got two licences!

DVLA can also issue a UK Counterpart Licence so that you can do CBT with your EU licence.  This is very complicated and I don’t recommend it at all!  Customers who have attempted to get one of these in the past have then had all sorts of hiccups further down the line trying to book Theory and Practical Tests.