Don’t Waste Another Year Dreaming!

You could be riding on the road sooner than you think.
Whether you just want to get up and running on a small motorbike or scooter, pass your test to get something a bit more exciting, take refresher “born-again biker” training or top-level advanced motorcycling, Newcastle Rider Training is your starting point.

Coronavirus update:

We got back down to business after lockdown on Monday 29th March.

As you might expect, we now have three months worth of customers all wanting to come at once so we are much busier than usual.  The next available space for CBT is currently around three weeks away but we’re working hard in an effort to clear the backlog.

When you come to our premises please be aware that the building is relatively small and social distancing is not easy indoors, so please be respectful of other people’s space and wear a face covering.

It hasn’t been a problem in the past for you to borrow our helmets and protective clothing but you would be well advised to bring your own if at all possible while the pandemic is still with us.  Our kit is still available (helmets, gloves, jackets, trousers and boots) and we will do our best to sanitise it, but shared clothing is not ideal in the current climate so we’re not recommending it!  You don’t have to have full motorcycling kit but gloves, a tough, outdoor jacket, jeans (no track suit bottoms) and tough footwear with ankle protection should suffice.

Out on the road we communicate with you via a radio and earpiece so again, shared earpieces – not ideal.  Bring your own if you can.  A normal mobile phone headset or iPod headphones with a standard 3.5mm jack plug will usually be compatible.


Thanks to all the guys at Newcastle Rider Training.  Very supportive all the way through my course.  They are a ten star training centre.  These gu...
We're at the Old Glassworks in Lemington. You'll find us right at the end of the Scotswood Road heading west out of Newcastle. The number 22 bus runs regularly to Lemington from Central Station. Easy access by road from Northumberland via the A1 or A69.